Lakes Community Horse Club

Riding, Roping, Food, Fun and Poker!

How You Can Help

We are looking for sponsorship of our annual Father’s Day

Poker Ride for 2009. It is our 8th Annual Father’s Day Poker Ride, which is slated for June 21st, 2009.  This is our main

fund raiser for our club events, and hope for a large



We are seeking your support and asking for donations from

your business to be given out as prizes at these events. Any

contribution by way of gift certificate, passes or products,

would be greatly appreciated. Each contributor’s

name/business name will be clearly marked on the prize and

displayed at the Poker Ride.



Sponsorship Offers:


Bronze Sponsorship:  $100

  • Your Company Name announced during the rodeo through out the day. 
  • A small sign (provided by you/the company) to be posted at the rodeo grounds.
  • An ad in the program.


Silver Sponsorship: $250

  • Choose one of the 8 major events to advertise your company/name.
  • Announcements at every performance of the chosen event (2 sponsors max per event)
  • Self Provided banners or signs to be placed around the rodeo grounds.
  • An Ad in the program.


Gold Sponsorship: $500

  • One full page ad in the program
  • Company Name/Logo printed on all posters advertising the rodeo
  • Signs/banners (provided by the company) to post around the rodeo grounds.


Platinum Sponsor: $1000

  • Two full page ad in the program
  • Company Name/Logo printed on all posters advertising the rodeo
  • Company Flag (provided by company) to be carried during the events Grand Entry, at the beginning of each day.
  • Signs/banners (provided by company) posted around the rodeo grounds.
  • Major Sponsor advertising on Radio and/or Television advertising negotiated for the rodeo.  
  • A booth space for display or advertising for the complete event.


 Your support is greatly and warmly appreciated.  




Val Addison (967-4250)



 Wade MacDonald (967-0095)



Elaine Pearson (967-0001)